Sunday, March 8, 2015

Heath Care at GHF

There's certainly plenty of dogs to take care of at the Farm, with plenty of veterinary needs!
Our trained and observant staff are prepared for emergency situations and all of them have lots of dog experience, vet tech and the like. 
GHF is also stocked with antibiotics, emergency equipment, GI meds, etc. If an emergency situation occurs, many times we can just handle it at the farm instead of driving all the way to the vet office!
Here's an example of some of the 'med cards' we make up for the staff to follow... it helps to make sure that the dogs get the proper dose and that we can keep track of how long the dog(s) are on meds!

The medial supplies have been redone recently and so now it's easy and simple for everyone to access the supplies and medicine... very quickly if need be!

The medical supplies include needles for blood samples, ear and eye medicine, anti-coagulants to stop bleeding from minor wounds, antiseptic spray, pain relief meds, etc. 
We even have a microscope to test for parasites! 
The Farm is thoroughly prepared for any mishaps or accidents! 

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