Sunday, March 1, 2015

Decoding Memes


This meme is very funny... however it also sheds (pun intended) light on why so many BCs end up in rescue. People are attracted to border collies because of their famous intellect, which, while certainly a true characteristic of the breed, is in many cases a downfall when they are placed in mainstream homes.
People buy BC puppies for their intelligence... then quickly learn they are ill-suited to care for the dog's evolving and complex needs. Often, they are not good with children and exhibit herding behaviors towards them (such as nipping, etc.)... yet another reason why we see so many BCs. 
This image capitalizes on a popular meme in a humorous way, but it also epitomizes the sad truth of why border collies need rescue in the first place. 
Dog owners, do your research! 

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