Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Updated Wish List

GHF has updated our Xmas wishlist with a few new items like dog beds and salmon oil, two products that we use quite frequently and go through.

The salmon oil is great for dogs who have dull coats and the beds are great for all the dogs to curl up in!

Updated Amazon Wishlist

We sincerely thank you for helping to make this holiday season a special one for the dogs!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Happy Holidays from GHF!

The rescue barn gets decorated for the holidays too! And the Xmas spirit is plentiful throughout the snow-covered hills and paddocks of GHF!

Thanks to the GHF Amazon Wishlist, the rescue dogs will hopefully have plenty to do during the holidays... even though it may be could outside, the dogs won't get bored... staying nice and cozy and engaged indoors! If you haven't taken a look at the wishlist already, check it out and consider picking an item---no matter how small---so that the dogs who don't have homes can feel special and cared for in a meaningful way during his special season!

Above: Xmas stockings hanging on the left annex for Bud and Pip!

 The GHF Xmas tree! It means so much that the dogs are thought of during the holiday season. Many, if not all of them, are confused as to why they don't have people; no matter how much we as caretakers provide to them, the rescue dogs are still patiently awaiting forever homes of their own. So something seemingly small like a wishlist toy or becoming an Angel for one of our BCs (see the GHF website for more information on this) is incredibly special and significant as we close out 2014! A sincere thanks and Happy Holidays to all from GHF!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sprakers Newsletter (This time it's personal!)

The Sprakers Newsletter has been released! Check out this inside glimpse at how a few of the ex-Spraker's gang are doing in their forever homes!

The Sprakers story is quite personal. As a GHF caretaker, I literally took my work home with me...

This is Kora. Her original name was Kendall. She was one of the more fear-driven BCs--wouldn't come up to people--ran and hid anywhere she could find. She was one of the last Sprakers dogs left at GHF waiting for foster. 

I couldn't possibly understand the pain of her previous life, but as I was going through some changes and personal difficulties of my own, I could appreciate her circumstances. Of course, we love all the dogs in rescue, but are sometimes drawn to certain ones... such is what happened with Kora. 

Some time went by, and she still didn't have a foster... finally I admitted my attachment and took her home. And, true to the classic 'who rescued who?' meme, we helped each other. Eventually, I came into work one day and said... "so, I don't think you're getting Kora back."

All I wanted to do was to show her that there was an alternative; a different way to live. 
It took weeks for her to be able to approach me, just to take food or treats from my hand. When you read the Sprakers stories in the newsletter and see their pictures, it's hard to picture how they were before. But they were literally like fear-stricken wild animals, at first unable to overcome the neglect and trauma of their previous lives. 

It's taken patience on my part for Kora--on everyone's part for all of the Sprakers dogs--but mostly it's been the dogs themselves. I have been completely astonished at their ability to overcome their past and accept their future as quickly as they have, albeit with lots of setbacks... but they have persevered none the less.

I never thought any of the Sprakers dogs would be capable of the transformations that many of them have undergone already. How smart (Kora learned recall in about a month, and she now has the best recall out of any of my dogs!) and intuitive they are, how willing they are to trust people, even though they have every right and reason not to.

They will (likely) never be 'normal,' but they are safe, happy, and loved. My heart laughs when I see Kora running alongside my other dogs, acting like a real BC, making up her own herding games during fetch... it's so neat to watch their true personalities unfold and develop. They embody the spirit of a true rescue dog, one that seeks and finds joy in every moment... they don't need a 'reason' to be happy, they simply welcome the future... you can see in their expression that they're just happy to be there

For the Sprakers dogs, its not about what's easy. I remember someone said to me, "why would you keep a dog like that?" 
I kept Kora for many reasons: because I felt the last thing she needed was MORE change, because I loved her, but mostly because I respected her immensely. It is remarkably honoring to have been such an involved part of this process, as a "Sprakers owner" if you will... 
so humbling, and so enlightening. The Sprakers situation changed entirely not only my own, but the staffs' and many, many other people's perspectives on dogs.

I think everyone touched by Sprakers now knows:

- immerse yourself in the joy of small moments and victories - 
- take pride in the character of your shortcomings - 
- eat all the food you possibly can - 
- embrace life and all its opportunities! - 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Staff Meeting

The GHF staff has regular meetings in order to make sure the dogs needs are being met in regard to their growth and development--until they find a loving, forever home!

During the meeting we discussed how the dogs were progressing individually and changes to make in their training/handling protocols; medical issues; dogs coming into rescue and dogs being adopted or sent out into foster; really anything that involves day to day dog care here at GHF!

Typically each of the staff members is assigned their own 'project dog' so that each dog, out of those who need the most attention, get the one-on-one time they require in order to thrive while waiting for a home. This could mean doing training sessions, play time, or simply sitting with the dog so they feel as 'at home' as possible. 

We also discussed the holiday wish list...please see previous post to find out more information about how to make the holidays special for all the rescue dogs! 

Jaz and Simon were there to help with the meeting--Simon in particular!

The GHF Howl-a-day Wishlist

GHF has a wishlist for the holidays for the rescue dogs!


In the giving spirit? Spread some holiday cheer to the Border Collies awaiting their homes by purchasing items from the Farm's Amazon wishlist! Choose from Border Collie approved toys, bones and chews, winter coats, and other goodies.

Use your Amazon smile account (or sign up for one atsmile.amazon.com) and choose Glen Highland Farm as your charitable organization of choice and Amazon will donate .5% of the cost of eligible purchases to GHF!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Frisbee with Poe!

Poe is the newest addition to GHF and he absolutely LOVES to play frisbee! This boy has the game down to a science, carefully watching the person he's playing with, super engaged. He catches it basically every single time! He's a pro!