Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wishlist Thank You

Look at all these fabulous toys!
Thanks to our 2014 Amazon wishlist, all the dogs will have plenty of new and interesting toys to help keep them entertained through the winter!
Through your generous and thoughtful help, we received various kinds of toys, such as puppy-specific toys that are small in size and good for teething puppy mouths. We also got jolly balls that are great in the snow and tough enough to stand up to our intense players!
The 'hide-a-way' toys are well-suited for dogs that crave more of a challenge, while the west-paw brand toys are durable enough to endure hours of chewing, tossing and play!
There are also endless types of squeakers and noise-making toys, perfect for the dogs with prey drive.
Thanks again for all these wonderful hedgehogs, snakes, piggies and squirrels! The dogs will be entertained for months to come :)

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