Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fun in the snow with the "Kong Bounzer"

Today was one of the first 'mild' days in a long while, it got up to about 40 degrees here in Morris, NY... and so that means play time outside for the dogs!

Most of the BCs love the "Kong XL Bounzer" toy, which can be found still on our Amazon wishlist:
GHF wishlist

As it's stated in the name, these toys BOUNCE! They bounce in erratic directions and are soft enough  for the dogs to grab onto. They work perfectly in the snow, easy to see and large enough not to get lost or buried in the snowbanks!

The younger dogs, like Banner and Bud (pictured below) love these because they can chase them down, grab onto them with their paws, and come back for more!

Pip is hanging out in the background (she prefers the jolly balls.)

Banner loves anything that you throw and usually enjoys playing keep away from the GHF staff... but he really seems to love the unpredictability of the Kong Bounzers! This guy is all action and has mastered the art of capturing the Bounzer!

Ready, set, BOUNCE