Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pastoral Paddocks

The farm may be on hiatus, but the dogs sure aren't! 

At the farm, the dogs are rotated between various large paddocks so they get plenty of time to run and bask in the sunshine.

Here is Bud after a long play session with his roommate Pip, a Sprakers dog. They are both close in age and make a great match! Both love to make up 'herding' games, romping, chasing and being chased!

There are a total of five large paddocks for the dogs to enjoy and explore. We typically change-up the paddocks for the dogs so they feel as though they aren't stuck in one place, doing the same activity. Some days are more play-heavy, others are more dedicated to spending quality one on one time. What many of the dogs love most however is walking through the paddocks with one of the caretakers. That way they get plenty of human reassurance but also enough space to frolic and be themselves!


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    1. Thanks Ken! We love watching them realize how much space they have and then enjoying it, like they are here!