Friday, September 26, 2014

Marvelous Mav

Much of the staff’s job at Glen Highland Farm is ‘outsmarting’ the dogs themselves— keeping their intricate minds stimulated—we have to try and be a few steps ahead of them in order to make sure they get to use their minds and stay intrigued. Maverick, or Mav, is one such dog… he is constantly on the prowl, continuously interpreting, exploring his world.

Mav is very much an ‘old soul,’ more of the classic BC type, a true farm dog at heart, he really enjoys just following around the caretakers and watching them change water buckets and yard cleanup, as he monitors and remains on the lookout.

 He soaks the world in with those huge and eager amber eyes, like a black and white lion roaming the plains… though Mav happily trots about patrolling the paddocks here at the farm. You can see his mind churning the incoming thoughts about his head—a real thinker and problem solver—always ready to confront his next challenge, his next adventure.


  1. Mav is now in foster care and surely enjoys all the attention he gets there!

  2. Sweet Maverick or Mav.
    I hope you have healthy and happy Holiday.
    Marry Christmas.
    From; Anna Freiberg.