Saturday, October 11, 2014

Rob & his Kong

Here is another farm dog, Robbie, enjoying his peanut butter stuffed Kong. In the morning, when dogs are first let out, or during the day when they are running through the paddocks, sometimes the caretakers will let one of the dogs roam inside the barn; that way they get a chance to have some people-time while the actual care taking 'chores' are done--water buckets are changed and food is mixed.

Usually we stuff the Kongs with peanut butter and put them in the freezer... that way it lasts longer for the dogs to enjoy. And most dogs LOVE peanut butter!

Rob is pictured here with a 'classic' red kong. What is your favorite type of Kong toy and why? What's your favorite stuffing?


  1. Anything to chew on, but cow hooves are the best...

  2. We use 3 pieces of pupperonie a snausage and a Hug to plug the opening

  3. Cow hooves are very long lasting, that's for sure. We tend to use the frozen PB kongs and knuckle bones in the rescue!

  4. The rescue dogs also enjoy bully sticks from time to time!