Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sprakers Update

Everyone at the farm would unanimously agree: our lives and perspectives have been forever altered by the Sprakers dogs.

Many have been adopted by their fosterers.

It has been a remarkable experience to watch their journeys unfold and observe the incredible progress they’ve made. Certainly the physical change is significant and overpowering—as these dogs literally healed physically from the trauma and neglect they suffered—but to feel and see the psychological and spiritual healing of the Sprakers group is unforgettable. They seem lighter, their spirits lifted; they no longer cower or flee in fearful anticipation.

Perhaps most importantly however, they are actually becoming dogs. They run, bark, play, and frolic, as would a typical dog. Not to say that these dogs are normal, and some never will be. But they, now feeling the freedom provided by the farm, are able to truly let go and enjoy life, rather than having to fight for survival and warmth.

To realize where these dogs came from, and not only where they are now but what they have ahead, a limitless future, is to reflect on true hardship and true potential. They deserve utmost respect. If these dogs can overcome such a scarring and damaging past, what paths can’t they tread in the future? We, as their guardians, will route for them with hopeful eyes and eager hearts as their true personalities unfold and they learn how to love, and we will continue to provide them with nothing less than what they have shown us to be possible.

Here are some of their transformations. (From January 2014 to Summer 2014.)

Seen below are two other Sprakers dogs, Annie and Owen, enjoying the good life.


  1. Great job, saw some of them when we were there last week and the are real sweethearts, you all have done a wonderful job...

  2. So amazing and wonderful!!! I love seeing the after pictures and how happy they all look!

  3. Susan ........Springfield, Mass.September 17, 2014 at 9:49 PM

    so nice to see...........Blessings to these beautiful creatures...and to those who saved them <3

  4. Living life.........with love, happiness, and comfort. The way it should be for all animals. Thanks to all who have the compassion, determination, and love to fight for what is right. :)

  5. Thank you all for your comments... it's truly humbling to watch them improve, even day to day!

  6. My husband and I adopted River (formerly know as Dina) in mid-May. The picture above is of her at our beach house rental in Outer Banks after a day of beach play and swimming pool fun with her 3 bc brothers! Amazingly she swam in the surf even though she had never seen the ocean. I continue to be amazed with her progress, her joy of life, her willingness to trust, love, and the joy she experiences just being a dog (ie:running, swimming in our pool,and getting the love she so deserves)! If you have patience and the love to give please adopt one of these dogs. What River has given back to us is far more then we will ever give her. Tears in my eyes now.....