Saturday, November 29, 2014

ZogoFlex Dog Toys

Recently, GHF has decided to try out these funky-looking dog toys to see how they work: if the dogs like/prefer them, if they prove better than kongs, etc... so that, in the end, the BCs have something interesting and challenging to stimulate their ever-active minds!

So far, these have worked well; the dogs can get to the peanut butter easily, it doesn't get stuck down in the bottom like it does sometimes with regular kongs. The dogs haven't destroyed any of them yet, even our bigger BCs... so they seem rather durable. Each time we give one to a dog, they seem eager and excited; it gives them something to do with their mouth and their mind. Additionally, these are dishwasher safe for super-simple cleanup. They are also recyclable, non-toxic, and they float! We just fill them with peanut butter and stick 'em in the freezer, as seen below.

In use at GHF!

Here they are:

Tux Treat Toy by West Paw Design

Have you used these toys? If so, let us know!

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