Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New roof!

The 'front annex' dog room has gotten a new roof!

Thanks to Kory and John, the roof has been replaced and is now in GREAT condition! It only took a few long days from these boys to make sure the roof was completed, ensuring the dog(s) rooming there are snug and dry for the upcoming winter!

Kory and John do much of the physical work for the Farm... repairs involving fences, etc. and also work during the camp season helping guests who vacation here at the Canine Getaway.

During the construction, we moved Banner (the dog staying in the front annex, check him out on our website!) to the barn so he wouldn't have to endure all the racket caused by the roofing process. He was happy in the quiet, but he is ultimately happier in his own space, which the front annex provides; it's tucked just in front of the rescue barn where most of the other dogs are, so Banner settles much better there where he is able to manage himself more easily. Each dog is different and handles space differently!

There are two additional 'annex' rooms slightly behind the front annex where other dogs are able to stay, cozy in the winter and cool in the summer with fans and thermostats in each room! There are windows for plenty of light and easy-to-clean floors... in short, they're like miniature houses! These three annexes are a wonderful tool for us to utilize for some dogs, since the environment mimics that of a real home, and, as mentioned before, it serves as a quiet place for dogs that may have more difficulty settling down. It's one of our many great, unique resources!

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