Friday, February 13, 2015

More indoor activities

With this crazy cold weather we've been having (wind-chills of -30 I heard on the radio yesterday... eek) it becomes very difficult to give BCs the stimulation they need... I know my own dogs certainly have cabin fever...

any suggestions from the audience? We just posted a link for some great puzzle toys but there are other DIY ways to combat the winter blues!

Check out this homemade treat puzzle concept: treat puzzle with toilet paper rolls

And here are some other (pretty basic) indoor activities for you and your dog: indoor games

And yet another quick peek at an article on having herding dogs, but no sheep: dog, no sheep

During the winter time we have many nice volunteers that sign up for stretches of time to come and stay (usually about a week). They come to help take care of the dogs in the mornings (when it's the most hectic, everyone wants their food and has to pee!) and also to help assist the day caretaker by playing with dogs, etc.

The volunteers are SUCH an unbelievably great resource to have, and many are actually surprised at what we usually have them do most while they're here: just sitting with the dogs and keeping them company. Just sitting with the dogs (not playing with them, etc) may seem counterintuitive, however, it is one of the most important activities we can do with the dogs. It helps in so many different ways: calming them, reassuring them, making them feel more at home, etc.

Sitting with the dogs is one of the best winter activities we can have the volunteers do!

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  1. Loved the article on "Herding dogs in trouble" and it is so spot on. We had a person who called for advice and after talking about the problem, he was sure the BC got all the exercise it needed by walking several miles a week. I ask what about his "mind"? How are you exercising it it? Things were much better after the correction was made with the owner. In addition to the physical exercise, you have got to exercise the mine too.