Sunday, December 7, 2014

Staff Meeting

The GHF staff has regular meetings in order to make sure the dogs needs are being met in regard to their growth and development--until they find a loving, forever home!

During the meeting we discussed how the dogs were progressing individually and changes to make in their training/handling protocols; medical issues; dogs coming into rescue and dogs being adopted or sent out into foster; really anything that involves day to day dog care here at GHF!

Typically each of the staff members is assigned their own 'project dog' so that each dog, out of those who need the most attention, get the one-on-one time they require in order to thrive while waiting for a home. This could mean doing training sessions, play time, or simply sitting with the dog so they feel as 'at home' as possible. 

We also discussed the holiday wish list...please see previous post to find out more information about how to make the holidays special for all the rescue dogs! 

Jaz and Simon were there to help with the meeting--Simon in particular!